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3790 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV

About Us

JE Power, LLC was started in 2018 when Elizabeth went after her passion to help small and medium sized businesses. She has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies, start ups, and family businesses. She has over 12 years of experience.

Elizabeth realized she enjoyed translating her experience with large, multinational companies to small and medium businesses.

From individuals to start ups, and mature large businesses, Elizabeth has repeatedly improved processes and saved time and money for clients of all types.

Industry experience

We have worked with clients in the following industries:


Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Construction & Mining


Food & Beverage



Medical Offices

Real Estate



We are also familiar with multi-entity reporting and consolidation for GAAP, tax and managerial reporting.

How we work

JE Power uses a secure portal. We can work remotely, and we offer virtual tax prep. We can connect with you in person, via video chat, text, email, or snail mail.


Licensed and registered in Illinois and Nevada.

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